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Quality Control
Use the best compound
Production capacity
1600 ppm
Cap Future

-   The metal lids could preserve the vacuum of a food product.
-   It is closed and opened with a quarter circle rotation.
-   It is air-proof and liquid-proof.

Ease of use is one of the advantages of this type of lid which result in improving and maintaining the product quality. The paste of jar lid which is placed inside the lid slot has a special formulation. The special property of this type of paste makes it compatible with any type of glass and state. 
Metal Jar lid is the best choice for any type of manufacturing processes including cold filling, warm filling and also sterilization and pasteurization.

Production Steps

Tinplate steel sheets which purchased from the world's best manufacturers with non-competitive quality entering the lac and printing processes. After completing the lac process, sheets enter the printing process. The printing operation is performed depending on requested customer pattern.

At first, the pattern is controlled in terms of over printing and over lapping and a computer file is created. Then, the color approval process (prototype), lithography and printing processes are implemented. During all printing process stages, specialist operators compare the printing quality with the desired standards.

The sheets prepared by the automatic device and in accordance with the latest technology become Jar lids, robotically.

Quality Control

- Providing raw materials from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers and continuous quality control quality control laboratory
- Quality control at all stages of lac, printing, production and packaging processes
- Special equipment for quality control of jar lids
- Product quality control exposure to various food and chemicals
- Use of best inks
- Ability to print with specific inks and colors
- Quality Control Department does all its efforts to protect the consumer security.



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