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Quality Control
Use the best compound
Production capacity
1600 ppm
Technical Data

-    Jar metal lids made of anti-corrosion thin plates
-    Protecting the product from oxidation and microbial spoilage
-    Ability to easy re-open and re-close the lid without using any means

Safety Button
  • ø mm: Diagonal of cap
  • H mm: Height of cap 
  • RTO: Regular Tiwst-off
  • RTS: Regular Tiwst-off with Step
  • RTB: Regular Tiwst-off with Safetu Button
  • RSB :Regular Tiwst-off with Step and Sefety Button


Size Φ mm H mm RTO RTS RTB RSB
038 42.00 9.70    
063 66.45 9.60    
066 69.30 9.60
082 85.15 10.60    
Safety Button

Rashid Glass Lid Company has also manufactured buttoned lids along with other Jar lids manufacturers in the world. Using this type of jar lids bring about quality security for consumers. Thus, using this type of lid ensures the consumer in terms of the health and quality of the purchased product using this type of lid.
All food products which pasteurized or sterilized during the production process, keep some vacuum in themselves after packing and cooling. The existence of this vacuum (in the range of several hundred millimeters of mercury) pushes the button lids down. So that, more pressure is needed to open the product lid for the first time. This is along with moving back the button to its initial location. The button moving back is along with a sound. Hearing this voice ensures the consumer lack of air infiltration and healthiness of the purchased product.

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